Over heating, won't start!


black knight

I have a 84 wh1, and it's driving me nuts!:mad: When i take the beast on the highway, i'll drive it to a small town about 10 mins. away then drive back. the car seems like it's too hot, it stalls after i shut it off then try to start it again. My rad and water pump is brand new! I can't figure it out? also does anyone have any suggestions about placement of my spark plug wires on the left side of the engine. I've gone through 3 sets of wires. The turbo keeps melting them!
Hey Marlon its Marc from winnipeg. Anyways, for the plug wire situation I'v got accel 8.8 wires, and there great. I would highly reccomend them. They touch my up pipe and they have never melted before, they just discolored a little. If I were you, I would get those plug wires, because of the heat resistance in them.

Anyways, take care and its great to see ya on the message board.