Owner Once Again......Finally.


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Jan 5, 2006
Sold my white 87 Turbo Regal with Blue heavy padded Landau Top and Blue Interior (cornering lamps, wide chrome molding, t-tops, concert sound, and polished aluminum wheels) quite a few years ago to Evans Ward in Macon and have wanted to replace it ever since. Well that day has FINALLY arrived.

I go tomorrow to pick up my new 87 medium blue metallic TR with gray interior. It is a 66,000 mile 2 owner car that has extensive documentation including window sticker, warranty book, receipts for all work done and more. It's a CF5 roof car with power sport mirrors and WO2 package.

I have to say a huge thank you to Jim Dunn (Buick Turbo Performance) who spent a lot of his personal time the last few weeks helping me assess various cars, including speaking to the owners, to find the right one at the right price. Jim is as fine a person as there is in the world of Buicks. He has a shop in Clifton Heights, PA and if anyone needs professional help with their car, Jim can help you out. Thanks to those on the board that suggested him.

I also want to say thanks to Michael Clendenin who helped me with evaluating this car and whether it was worth the price and checked out. Many texts and calls and questions and he was always there to answer and provide his thoughts. Another fantastic person in the Buick world.

Lastly, I would say thanks to my good friend Dana Wyatt. Dana began helping me with my white regal and we've been friends since. Dana puts up with my 20,000 questions and helped me act more decisively at the right time so as to not lose out on cars as happened a few times. I characterize Dana as a decide quick and act fast and shoot straight guy. Lucky to have him as a friend.

It feels REALLY GOOD to now have another Turbo Regal.......particularly one as nice, original and well documented as this one for the budget I set. Now on to making it all it can be and I know that there is lots of help here in doing that. I've been a member of the board a long time, but it feels better being a member and also actually having a car.

Hope to see some of you at the tracks!!!!






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NICE find!!!! First thing I'd have to change though would be to change out that "hour glass" shaped MAF (which is the wrong one for the Turbo Buick application)..
Yes. I think Jim Dunn said it was a microtech? He said junk it first thing. I'm thinking of using an LT1 MAF and translator.

And thanks for your service to our country Turbodave.

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Welcome back to TR world! Funny how once you have a little boost in your blood no SBC will suffice.
I had an almost 20 year hiatus myself where life got in the way. Now I own 2 GNs so I guess I'm making up for it. Lol..
Very nice car,,,,,,,congrats! I can't imagine not having my LTD. I just enjoy the car so much in all aspects.
Welcome back and congrats on a great looking hot rod.
You've been a member here for a decade now. That in itself, deserves a "like". I'm happy and honored to give you your first.:D
I see a few tasteful mods. Please post up mods to this sleeper.
This is the kind of car that can easily crush the hearts of some unsuspecting six figure exotic owner.:eek:

Please post stories in the "Kill section" when it does.;)

Once again. Welcome back and happy spooling.

Mike Barnard
Thanks for the warm welcome "back". I have been here for a while....plagued by the desire for another turbo car. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but these cars are so unique and represent some of Buick's best engineering before the Borg days of GM took over completely. They are a theme themselves and not a variation on a theme.

This car is a bit of an oddity option wise. It has power windows, CF5 roof, tilt wheel, dual power sport mirrors, posi, dual reading lamps, but no cruise or power locks. Doesn't bother me....but seems Weird.

There are some minor mods to the car and some needs too. There is a downpipe from Kirbans, but not one of the more commonly used versions. It also has an upgraded fuel pump. Beyond that, it is stock except for the dress up stuff, K&N, and the vacuum brake conversion (wow is the pedal a lot firmer....feels more like manual brakes but it definitely reels the car in to a stop).

I want to start making the basic mods to this stock low mile sleeper. The microtech MAF is top of the list. The pencil sized exhaust (weird to have with a bigger downpipe) also has to go. Then it's valve springs, timing chain, etc.

The one thing I am contemplating before making many changes is going to E-85. I hear it makes a BIG difference in these cars. Haven't decided yet as I don't yet know what it can produce time slip wise, whether tuning is vastly different than for pump gas, or what other "mods" fit with E-85.

I will say this......the rate at which the car goes into boost is really fast. Reminds me of a horse I once owned where if you loosened the reigns a little too much.....he would take off at full speed. Here, you loosen those fuel reigns by giving the car a little throttle and it immediately starts leaping forward. Feels a LOT stronger than my slightly modified white 87 T I sold to Evans Ward.

The fun has just begun!

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Welcome back Alan! Sorry I missed your call last month as I had spinal fusion surgery and have been recovering since. I still have your old car that you sold me in 2000 and still love it. You never get boost out of your system as I returned after selling my 86 GN. Stop by if you are down my way (same house). That's a nice TR you have there too!
Sorry to hear about the surgery. Back troubles are bad.

Glad you still have it. It's a unique car for sure. Still have the polished aluminum rims on it? One of my favorite thing I did to it.

I like this blue 87 I picked up. Very stock.....but we can change that[emoji48]

BTW, I recall you liked/owned some motorcycles at one time. I picked up a 84 Nighthawk S for $100 I am fixing. It is in great shape and I should have it running soon now that the fuel delivery issues are resolved. Cool bike.

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Man.....still looks perfect. What a car it is. I loved it and hope you do too.

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That is two nice cars. I had a blue nighthawk s700 back in the late 80's. It was a really sweet handling bike. For a 700 it pulled strong and shaft drive on a sport bike was interesting.

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Thanks! I loved my white T and expect to love the new Blue one too. I really like the nighthawks. Very cool looking and low maintenance with hydraulic lifters. They even have electronic ignition. Riding position is quite comfortable it seems....more upright. Can't wait till the weather improves so I can get it running.

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Evans.......let me know if med. metallic blue is more to your liking.......I know someone with a nice original that really likes your white car.......LOL

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