Owners with GT6152's combo's and times please.


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May 2, 2002
Borrowing the success of the TE45-a thread..........

I am really considering what to do........ :confused:

I have a TE 60 that needs a freshening. I have the tools and a machinist to help me take it apart and put it back together if I decide to buy a 360 deg rebuild kit from Limit Engineering...... That is the cheaper alternative.

Option 2 would be to send the turbo in and upgrade it to something else. My current mods are in my sig.

I have read great things about the GT 6152 and think this would be the perfect turbo for my car. I am currently running a stock longblock, but have aspirations to install a set of ported Champions w/ported intake and a hyd roller cam at some point when the engine has to be freshened........ but currently the longblock is stock.

My goal is to go low 11's.... maybe dip into the high 10's on 93+alky. Eddie Brewer has been 11.37 on the stock turbo on a full weight stock longblock car..... so this motivates me to really get what I can get out of my stock setup.....I'm looking for high 11's soon with the changes I have made since my last track outing.....still with the stock turbo.

I need to get the TE60 ready for whatever I am going to do (rebuild it vs. upgrade it). Jay at Limit is suggesting to go to a TE62....

So..... need to see some combos and some times..... to help me decide. Is anyone running the 4"/2.5" version of the 6152? I think this is what I could best utilize if I go that direction, because I have a 3-1/2" MAF pipe and LS1 MAF sensor and big mouth cold air kit that will go on when I get the kinks worked out.

Let me know what you guys think.
My old combo was 6152e, 3600stall 9/11, ported big valve heads, 224/224 hyd. roller, 10.9 with a low 1.5 60ft. I was around 24psi and 26timing.

I've got the 6152E with the mods in my sig. I am running the stock intercooler and stock exhaust minus cat. Unopened engine with stock valve springs.

I've only run my car in the 1/8, and I'm not totally sure what the boost was. The gauge would only read to 16lbs, but probably somewhere between 18-22 lbs. I had my TurboTweak chip set at 21 degrees of timing. I was only able to get one run in at near full throttle because all of my vaccuum hoses were blowing off (including the fuel pressure regulator :eek: ), I'm luck to still have headgaskets.

Anyway I ran a 7.9 at 90 mph with a 1.95 60'. Pump gas and alky.

The turbo spools just fine with my converter. I drove it for a little while on the stock converter and was not impressed.
mark_123456 said:
Anyway I ran a 7.9 at 90 mph with a 1.95 60'. Pump gas and alky.

Probably would be a low 12, assuming the top end picked up 20mph or more.

I plan on running my GT6152 on a stock engine combo except for the injectors and dutt neck. Just put it in last week. I'll run about 25lbs boost on alky with 26/21 timing on a Turbotweak chip with alky. With a 1.6 60ft or better I'm hoping to start out in the high 11's and bring it to mid or lower 11's with a good tune. We'll see how much the stock IC and heads limit me. I want to try for 11's on the stock turbo (a good one this time, not the POS I just took out) before I upgrade everything.

I'm interested to see how much boost this turbo can take before it starts to drop off. The 26/21 timing is what I read alot of people are using on alky. Would like to hear if anyone has tried higher timing.
It will be interesting to see how well my T runs with the 6152S once the new motor goes together and gets broken in. I decided to step it on up a bit....206/210 roller, 1.6 rockers, forged pistons, main caps, pte fmic....after hurting the high mile bottom end. I'm hoping for some 11's on pump gas and radials.....then turn it on up with some race gas and drag radials to see what she's got.... :biggrin:
d0n_3d said:
I guess I fit well in this thread? :) Times in sig and list of mods.


Does PTE use the GT wheel on the compressor and 52 exhaust wheel on their PT61? Do they have the 4"/2.5" housing option available? Can you get the garrett exhaust housing..... or the precision housing?

I love this Turbo!!! See sig... When I get some more seat time, Tune up the timing and my new ET streets she may break in the 10's! :eek:
When I had that turbo, ported heads, 206/206 roller cam, 17 row I-C, 3400 stall 9/11 converter, one of my transmissions, the car went 11.20`s @121 consistantly with only 21 psi and easy 1.6 60fts. With all else being the same with my combo, it went 11.20 @ 121 with 22psi with a TE-45a.
My opinion is that is the best quick spooling, most powerful "street" turbo I have used. And have have used almost all of them.

Just thought I'd put some pics in of my new GT6152 turbo and some pics of it next to the stock turbo I took out.


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I REALLY want to upgrade mine. I need to call Chopper and finalize the details. Is anyone running the 4"/2-1/2" version? Does it have any HP advantage over the run-of-the-mill version? It appears the stock wastegate actuator will work?
Blazer406 said:

Does PTE use the GT wheel on the compressor and 52 exhaust wheel on their PT61? Do they have the 4"/2.5" housing option available? Can you get the garrett exhaust housing..... or the precision housing?


Yes on all of that except the Garrett housing. We only do the Precision housing. I assure you, you wouldn't be disappointed with this setup. I run the S cover on mine and love it. Here lemme post a pic!


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Don.... sent you a PM.....

On a related note... I talked (tonight) to a guy I got my wheels/tires from in Michigan that has a 6152GTQ (He wasn't sure why they called it that...???) he got from Precision..... He was running a well tuned TA49....he loved the 49.... but after riding around with the 6152.... he couldn't believe the difference..... He can't wait til the thaw up there when the track opens back up.

It really gives me something to look forward to... since I still have the stocker on..... if I get it into the 11's...... it is really going to motivate with the larger hairdrier on it.....
not sure on that one...there is no such thing as a 6152 GTQ...maybe he was thinking GT6152...we like to keep it simple and we just called it a PT61. Oh well it's kinda like the 60's and 65's...lol :rolleyes:
I bought the gt 6152gtq from aggressive last year. They could not explain the gtq. I believe i also talked to don @precision.But same response. probably just a gt6152? But it is a great turbo. I can't wait until the powerstroke is completely installed. I'll talk at ya later Brian good luck with turbo probably the best street turbo . Not too big and laggy and not too small.
Years ago, I had a TE63, P-Trim on my stage motor. It had a large compressor cover, with a 2.5" exducer, but a 3" inducer....... Can a 6152 be made with this cover? Would it fit and still work with the integral wastegate?

I have a regular 6152 (PT61) that I bought the year they came out. (bought at the Nats) works fantastic.