painting wheel well mouldings


I took off my wheel mouldings to clean them up and paint them.
Overall they look pretty good except the ends of them are rough

Whats the best way to do these, strip them right down ? sand ?

What the paint of choice for these ?
I tried painting after a light bead blast first. Rocks and gravel from the front tires was hitting the back and made them look pretty bad within a couple of years.

THen I tried powder coating. 4 years so far and still looking good
I would say powder coating is the way to go.

But if you funds are limited I would say use a good quality paint not you walmart 98 cent can.

As for prep if you sandblast you will need to sand down to a fine grit & use prep solve to keep clean until paint stage.
I used SEM trim black

with two light coats after a quick sanding.
Looks good IMO and might be short lived, but it was a pretty quick and simple job, so its not a big deal to redo it.