parts @ BG

bad V6

Here is a list of items that I will have at BG next week. If wanted, pictures can be made available.

1. used stock axles (no issues with splines) $50
2. used stock fan $40
3. used/repaired stock headers w/X-over $50
4. used stock glovebox (grey) $30
5. used front bumper (needs paint) $30
6. used front and rear bumper inner supports (steel) $10/EACH
7. used stock turbo (seeping oil) $50

8. new Comp Cams 3129 timing chain set $50
9. new SCE 4072 copper exhaust manifold gaskets (removed from package, test fit) $25
used stock headers with x-over.... i'll take them if they're for 86-87 cars. I have someone that will be down at BG that can pick them up for me. Thanks
Yes, they are for an '86-'87 turbo Buick.

I'll be set up in the pit area with the local crowd, beside the restrooms at the back of the stands.