Parts for sale Valve covers, injectors and Misc


Dec 31, 2001
Selling a few parts here that I won't be using for my project.

Stock valve covers. Fully clean and sand blasted. Fresh paint and 2 coats of clear. They look real good for stock V/Cs. $95 shipped

Stock Plenum also beadblasted clean and painted. Never used since. $75 shipped

Stock Throttle body cleaned beadblasted and painted. Brand new seals from G-body parts. Missing the throttle bracket, spring and 1 screw from the butterfly. ( I switched them over to Accufab) Good clean replacement with new seals $50

42# injectors in great condition. Extremely low miles on them ( 500 or so)
$225 shipped

Also have stock intercooler scoop, EGR sol. EGR sensor, stock up pipe
$25 each shipped



MAf pipe has a burn or heat mark in it. Other than that it's nice. I wasn't sure if I was gonna sell it so I didn't post. I would do $40 shipped.
Wow, Thats a pretty good guess. Were you here that day??

First I beadblasted them to a bare casting. Than sprayed them with a shiney alluminum/chrome paint. They will look rediculous until the next step. I added an Acrylic Clear to them (2 coats, maybe 3, lol) Both paints were strong industrial versions.