Parts for Sale


Jul 18, 2003
Hello all. I have a list of parts for sale in Windsor, Ontario that I would like to sell. I will ship some items but would prefer that some be picked up. Prices do not include shipping.
Vacuum brake parts - I have the master cylinder, billet vacuum block, line and valve. Just need a booster and you're good to go. $50

RJC Dual Crossflow Exhaust - complete stainless exhaust system, sounds great. Selling as I am going to a single 4". $350

MAF Translator Pro Setup - brand new, never used and includes everything you need to install on a vehicle. New it comes close to $700, sacrifice at $450.

AC lines - $90

Billet FPR - Kenne Bell unit. $50

Stock MAF Sensor - $70

Stock Converter and cover - $30

Stock Crank Pulley - $25

Stock GN Hood - has one small imperfection otherwise it is in good condition, WILL NOT ship. $150

PM me directly as I have found the alerts do not always go through
turd or not it went 127 mph on 20 pounds off boost .

You keep listening to grandpa and you'll be in the 11's the rest of your life with that stage 2. He's telling you how to get into the 9's...when he can't even get into the 10's. You're a good guy...and I honestly feel sorry for you. Good're gonna need it.
Im interested in yhe exhaust as well I have a friend that lives in Windsor that can pick it up from you.......

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Hey everyone, sorry but the exhaust has been sold. Wish I could have sold it locally as I ended up giving up one of my arms to have it shipped. Everything else is still available!