Parts for sale

Hello tb I'm getting rid of the parts I have laying around

T31 turbine (stage 3) 60-1Turbo with actuator no play 400shipped sold

Front bumper fillers just need cleaning 100 shipped

New rear bumper fillers 80 shipped sold

3in dp 275shipped sold

3in cutout 75shipped

Stock intercooler with shroud 70shipped

87 grill 150shipped sold

Led cam sensor cap 50shipped

2 belt tensioners 150 non broke ear and 75 for broke ear

Sport comp gauges mechanical temp and oil 40 each shipped

Front cover with pump 60 shipped

Driver side bezel 40 shipped

Vdo boost gauge with pod 90shipped

Stock fan 60 shipped

Heat shield and bracket 55 shipped

Trunk ends with pieces for the wing 40shipped sold

20170817_131756.jpg 20170817_131738.jpg 20170817_131234.jpg20170817_130731.jpg 20170817_130718.jpg 20170817_130529.jpg 20170817_130001.jpg 20170817_125654.jpg 20170816_194031.jpg 20170816_194002.jpg
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I'd be interested in info on the rear fillers: apparently painted black? Stock style? From where? how old? Thanks.
They are fiberglass and they haven't been painted that's how they come it's been a few years I can't remember if they are from a vender or eBay but they are unused
I'll take the spoiler side ends. I might be interested in the front cover too. What's with the oil pump housing? It's not stock.
OK thanks I will pass thought they were painted just needed cleaning. Thanks .

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