Several parts for sale


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Table of parts, fender extensions $50 pair, Flywheel cover $40, Brake pedal $40, Fuel lines $20 Bumper impact strips front and rear $20 ea., Tail light bezels $ 20 each, the all black bezel is painted chrome it appears. All these parts would be driver quality, with some work.
Prices not including shipping. PP to friends or include fee. We can discuss bringing to bowling green soon. Questions welcomed
fender extensions, tail lamp bezels, bumper impact strip, brake pedal, fuel lines from east.jpg
B.fender extensions TC cover, fuel lines, bumper strip, tail lamp bezel, brake pedal .jpg
fender extensions C.jpg
fender extensions D.jpg
I will take both bumper strips how much for shipping to Inglewood CA 90301 business address

Mike 310345575six
The bumper strips and the white fender extensions are sold.
Update the brake,pedal and A set of door panels, also again.