Parts needed


Sep 25, 2008
Trying to get my GN up to decent cosmetic shape, got all mechanic work done, going to start piece by piece on the cosmetics...heres what i need:

Dash Cluster
Rear bumber fillers
Upper door panels for a manual window
Decent sunvisors
Horn ring for around the horn button (mines cracked)
Pullstrap escutheons (the chrome pieces) i need 2 for the drivers side dooor
Steering wheel
Shifter knob
Grey covers for side of front seats
New seat belts (the piece that the belt clips into)
1 *used* center cap for my wheels...i have a set of 4 new ones but i want to keep the used ones on my car since they arent horrible, and im missing 1 (i dont want to put 1 new one on with 3 old ones since that would look rediculous and i dont want to put all 4 new ones on before i get all the work done.)
Trick for keeping the center caps from leaving at high speed

Get some 2 part epoxy and put it around the plastic studs on the inside of the caps.