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Well, I sold my GN today and have a shed full of parts. Attached are the pictures. I put prices according to what I think they are worth. If they seem high, make me an offer as I may be way off. All prices are shipped. I have a couple make offer items, give me your best offer. I have a full stock exhaust except for the muffler. I would rather sell locally. I am in the Miami,fl. area but will drive within a reasonable distance. The lenses have a few small scratches but are in mostly nice shape. All this stuff is used and are driver quality. First to pay with paypal gets the part. PAY AS GIFT to avoid fees. If I am charged a fee, I will not ship until the fee is paid. If you need better pics, let me know and I will get them as soon as possible. If you want a few parts, let me know so that I can ship together to save on shipping. Thank you
Rear Taillights Sold
Powermaster sold
EGR cover sold
oil cap sold
TCC solenoid(new) $30
A/C Vent $70
Intake up pipe $70
Speaker hangars $50
Pyle speakers $50
Rear view mirror $50
Amber bumper marker lights $65
Side marker lights $60
Stock speakers concert sound $100
Air box assembly $100
Stock injectors(need cleaning) $50
Stock fan $85
Stock radio $125
Radio with cd and mp3 $150
233 regulator $25 each
237 regulator $75
vacuum hose $40
fuel pump relay $10
stock speedo make offer
aftermarket speedo make offer
intercooler make offer
stock turbo sold
temperature sensor 20
exhaust make offer
turbo cover 100


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Would you sell just the drivers side tail light? If so any up close pics? Thanks Mike
For now I am selling as a set unless someone needs the passenger side. I just put this up so if i get no interest, i will let you know
Please provide more info on the speedo clusters. Close up pic will be great. Also, second in line on tailights pending price