parts searching for a 84 gnx


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hello i have been in the market now for a turbo oil drain line/ return line i have checked a number of places but can only find parts for 85-87 which does not help me due to the lay out under the hood in the 84 i was going to get it from jays gn but jay passed away and they are no longer taking orders so if anyone know where i could get one i would be really greatful
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For reference, Buick only made the GNX in 1987. They made 547 of them. I believe you want parts for an '84 Grand National.

I am not real versed on the '84 and '85 cars. Most refer to them as "hot-air" cars. I might suggest you contact G-body Parts. He should be able to accomidate your needs. He is a vendor here and if you can't find his number here, google g-body parts.

Hope that helps.
NAPA had an oil drain listed on their site for the 84-85 cars a couple of years ago.. it was like $17.
they also had a pressure line that was about the same cost.