Pass side water leak?


Oct 25, 2003
My ecu got wet and shorted out. The car got poured on a few nights ago. I did find some cracked sealer on the cowl top near the right hood hinge. I've also read that some third-gens rust out the in the cowl allowing water to leak into the dash. Any ideas where to look? Is this a common issue. The car has spent a few years outside in Chicago, but looks to be in good rust-free shape overall.
Don't see the water coming all the way up in the area where the ECU sits ... I had an 84 that leaked in the cowl / firewall area due to dry sealant or so and I just got water in the foot well not up in the dash ... any water coming in from outside in that area would never make it to the ECU ... maybe a leaking heater core that possibly sprayed up under the dash due to pressure ...

Is your carpet wet ... lift it up and have a look and feel underneath and you will quickly see if you got any water leaking somewhere.
The carpet was very wet. We're supposed to get rain tomorrow, so I'll see if the leak can be found. Maybe my ecu didn't get wet. I didn't see any water in it. It may just have been a coincidence and a bad assumption. I either case, the leak needs to be found!