A Dark Storm Approaches


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It is mine now. I am the official registered owner or Sy #1163. Picked it up last Thursday from, the best that I can tell, the third owner. I felt that I got a fair deal on it. Second owner had it for 20 years. This guy only had it for 2. Got the title sent away today. There's a fair amount of documentation that came with the truck. Mechanically it is almost 100% stock and no rust that I could find. Runs out good and everything seems to work like it should except of course the boost gauge. I does have some cosmetic issues but looks pretty good from 20 foot away. The biggest issues are the truck has had a re-paint and it was not the best of jobs. The cladding wasn't pulled and it was painted gloss with the rest of the truck instead of the satin like it is supposed to be. Oh, and the factory tonneau cover is gone. It has a very nice truxcedo zip cover on it that is embossed with the HD logo that I'm sure doubles the value of the truck to any HD fans. Things that the average person wouldn't notice if they didn't know these trucks.

The interior is pretty fair with the exception of a cracked dash pad and one place on the seat. I'm cool with the issues for the time being because this is going to be a week-end driver, cruise-in vehicle. It has 106 thousand miles on it now, low enough, but not so low that a few more miles will hurt. ;) I may eventually try to find a correct looking snap tonneau and of course if I ever paint it I will do it right and pull the cladding but it is good enough for me right now. The biggest thing I've got to do is to put a little elbow grease into the engine compartment and clean it up a little so I won't be embarrassed to lift the hood. Speaking of the hood I may put a two inch cowl hood on it because I like the way they look. I've thought about ZR1 wheels but it seems everybody does them but man, they do look good. The stockers are in good shape with almost new rubber so I may keep them for awhile unless something else catches my eye. Now to start the reading and try to get on a steep learning curve about these things. I also need to join the SyTY sites because as much as I love this place there's not that much these vehicles have in common with our beloved Buicks.

My personalized plate is on the way and it is going to read DRKSTORM. I think it fits. :D