Passenger Door handle


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I got my TTA out of the garage this weekend and decided to fix some of the problem areas.

The passenger side Turn signal indicators blew a bulb so I repalced it and that one blew, too. I unplugged the harness connector near the indicator, poked in a new bulb and the turn signals still work and bulb hasn't blown out, yet (It just has to hold until I get it inspected)

While on the passenger side, I noticed the passenger side door handle is missing the spring that keeps it from rattling.

Who has replacement Passenger door handles?
you can get the door handle from any GM dealer. The only issue is I don't think you can get them with the white insert anymore. You might have to paint it white. Pretty sure it was a sticker in there.
The white insert is just a sticker. The sticker been discontinued for some time but you can use a good quality 3M gloss film they use for signs, take the old one with you and go to a shop that do signs (cut the film for texts a logos) and they will be able to match the color and cut a the same size sticker for you.

The GM door handles are pretty week, if you get the aftermarket ones they been reinfirced where the spring sits. Try
Help ! section at the local Auto Zone or Advanced has the door handles. I had to replace the drivers side on my TTA.