Patch panels



does anyone know where i could find patch panels for the rear 1/4 panels. The left hand side is rusted through at the very bottom of the wheel well molding, and the right side is starting to do the same.
As far as I know there are no aftermarket patch panels made.

I think either find a good bodyman to make some or find a quarter that is good in the area that you need.

I noticed on Shermans website they sell rear 1/4's for the Olds Cutlass. Front 1/4, rocker pannel, door skin are the same part # as the regal. The rear 1/4 however is not suppose to fit a regal. I'm not sure why but maybe you could make the olds pannel work. Hope this helps.
Guys I bought a couple pieces from BWEAVY for resto project. He cut them for me off clean donor cars to specs from my bodyman. Turned out great. No problems with aftermarket contours etc when you are dealing with the real stuff. FAIR prices also!

Try him at or do a search for Mike McCoy at Muscle Car salvage.

Either should be able to help.