Pat's converter


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Sep 13, 2006
I posted this in the trans section, maybe I will get a response here. Thinking about running a Pat's 10" 3000 stall L/U converter. Anyone have any experience with one of these converters? How are it's street manners? Any reliabilty problems. Also considering an Edge converter. Any feedback on either converter would be appreciated.
i have a 2800 stall apts form g body parts. been working great for the three yrs i 've had it. hth
I ran a 10" 3000 from Pats for 2 years on the street & track with a 49 turbo & no complaints! Except he has the nerve to have great customer service & a free stall change!! :)
I have zero complaints with my 10" 3000 stall L/U converter from Pat's Performance Converters. Since ordering it, I haven't had a need contact them again. So I can't speak about their customer service and haven't had a need to re-stall yet.
I currently have one in my car.
Stalled right as advertised, drives very nice, spools good on the street.

No complaints here.:p

Thanks guys. Anyone have any experience with Edge converters? I think they are located in So. California.
I have had Pat's 10" 3000 stall conv on my wifes car for the past 8 plus years and have run a best of 11.27 with it and have not had a single problem and the conv has had tons of runs and the street manners are great.

IMO you will not be disappointed.

Best of luck.
What shift rpm on the 2-3 and what does the rpm drop to with the 10" pats 3000? Are you guys locking it at wot? Thanks.