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  • Eric I just spoke to David and he's got the Garrett rep on the hunt for the compressor wheel. BTW, I'm curious where you got the turbo? That may be a lead on who has the wheel. Thanks, Steve
    Send me the turbo. I'll take it to a friends turbo rebuilding shop here and cover the repair & the shipping both ways.
    (and fyi, those screws were not loctited from the factory. I always tighten them pretty good do I have no idea how one came out)
    Steve Monroe
    12625 SW 53 St
    Mustang OK 73064
    Im finally getting around to buying a pair of the wheels that you new that went into richard clarks shop about a year ago. I hate to ask you, But I was woundering if you could ask him what size he ordered? I know there 18's but not the rest. And the tire he likes? I was thinking of nittos, But not sure. Thanks alot..
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