PCV grommet

Kirbans, Gbody parts, etc. I think alot of the vendors on the board have them.
Don't buy it from AutoZone or the regular parts places. The hole is too small to push the pcv into. Stick with Kirban or GBody.
I got one from the help section at advance auto It will work but it is not easy to get in but won't leak either.:cool:
You'll be sorrrrryyyyy!




Use a long reach 90* needle nose pliers to wedge the grommet in. Spray the pcv valve with some silicone and use the pliers to hold the valve and push it in. Ya, getting the grommet in is a pain. I boiled mine to try to soften it up some. I just stuffed a bit in the hole and kept pushing with the tip of the pliers around and it did pop in.:smile:
kirbans 2 cents worth

Until Richard Clark had the original reproduced nobody not even GM had the correct diameter PCV grommet available. This reproduction did not come out until last fall. It is only now available from Gbodyparts.com or us kirbanperformance.com

Above comments are correct if you buy it from any parts store the PCV will be very tough to install and it will not fit properly.



Have owned enough of these cars to know what I am talking about
Well, let me tell you what I did. The problem is that the hole is not big enough so the valve has to be pushed real hard to get it in. A friend of mine has a set of drill bits that look like little basketballs. I can't remember what they are called or what they are used for. Anyway, he had one that was the perfect size to open the hole up. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can ask him for more info. If he tells me what they are for, I can google it and maybe find a picture of one. They are gold in color.
I sprayed my old pcv valve (for demonstration purposes) with some silicone, held it with the 90* long reach needle nose pliers and pushed it right in... I'm not a big weightlifter guy neither.
Geez, it's not rocket science here, just a little rubber grommet.;)
kirbans 2 cents worth

While the above ideas work and was the only option until last fall now the 100% correct PCV grommet has been made available by the guy who has the largest turbo regal collection. The correct pcv grommet is designed to hold the PVC properly once installed.

To go thru all the mods now would seem like a lot of work when the new repro correct pcv grommet is being sold for less than $10.

Available from Gbodyparts.com and us kirbanperformance.com

Makes it a lot easier when working with the correct part.



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