PCV Help?

Made a mount for my dual AMW catch cans to hang off the passenger plastic wheel well bolted to the flat spot directly behind the battery
I'll look into that area too.
Im on my phone so these pics prolly gonna be big here is the push in fittings. and the bottom of the pet cock...it will probably be a few months before you have to drain it...if then..


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Is that AN8 or AN10 lines?
10 An. you can see it at the bottom of the first picture. And I MEAN they only give you enough hose to make it reach just like I got it... I had NONE left over whew! I think I measured the short line first to fit then what was left , the long hose... or wait was it vice versa... any ways.. not an Inch left. lol. One Catch can was all that's needed.