pcv valve leaking


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
My boost is jumping from 20psi down to 15psi when i floor it. I am getting oil in the TB and pulling it in the turbo and intercooler y is this leaking it a new one and is there some thing i can do to fix it. Do i need it all the time , can i vent it or block it off .Or maybe they make a better one.

thanks guys
no body knows how to fix this i was trying to fix it before i go to the track fri. help me out here
I am just throwing this out there because noone has responded....do you have breathers on the Valve covers? have you tried a one-way Check valve in the PCV line?
I have a breather on the driver side valve cover but yhats all i have tryed two pcv valves and they both do it. I didn't try a one way valve or any thing but thats a good idea. Trying to get it fixed before friday so i can hit the track and get a time .