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I'm Angry!!!!!
Aug 6, 2001
i wanna get some opinions from the tta guys!i'm looking at a tta that needs some tlc but other than cosmetics everything is all there and seems to be in decent shape.i was never one to keep my cars stock to say the least,but i'm thinking if i buy this one i might want to change it.the front seats are bad the headliner could use help,etc.what are your opinions on changing from the white and gold routine to a white and black one(interior,wheels,all emblems removed and stored).maybe blending it in with the rest of the normal t/a's out there.thanx guys....
the only emblems I dont have are teh door stickers but my interior is greay, email for pics. It was done by the original owner in June of 1990 because he hated the camel color. I even have the t top shades and everything.