Peter Frampton


Dec 26, 2006
I saw Peter live last night in Dallas at the new House of Blues, Awesome venue and awesome show, he still has it! If Peter comes to your area I suggest seeing him if you like him. I was probably the youngest guy there!:biggrin:
WOW! Cool!
He made some GREAT classic stuff!!!
I still play his stuff in the car.

I used to have this Frampton "vinyl album" in the old days that had a complete picture of him on it, both sides.
It was not the black vinyl, but more like an almond color.
Wonder how much thast would be worth today ............ LOL
Hey Chad, did you know he's coming to Billy Bob's I think in Oct....if we end up with an extra ticket or two I'll let you know...we have the front row table at Bill'y Bobs.... literally 3 ft away.

Saw him in the early 70's with/as Foghat he had this Chrome Flying V that matched his Chrome outfit man that dude can light up them frets.