PEVR questions (1979)


May 27, 2004
Claremore, OKLAHOMA
I don't know what to do here guys. I have read that the PEVR can be sent to TA performance for a new diaphragm. I also read about a PEVR mod using a 3 way check valve instead of original PEVR. Obviously the check valve would be the ultimate budget way to go and have a few here already. Which way should I go? I'm not even sure what the purpose of the PEVR is or if it's needed. I saved this link on the PEVR mod (3 way valve) but having a hard time figuring out the line routing .;before-black-quot;/25498-new-pevr-mod.html The one that says to carb power valve. The stock Q Jet has a power valve? Help me out here guys


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May 24, 2001
Aurora, IL
Since I have an ECM, I'm not too familiar with the PEVR and power valve, but...

I believe all carbs have a power valve to run richer at WOT. The are controlled by manifold vacuum. Low vacuum = more fuel for "power enrichment".

The power valve is normally plumbed internally in the carb to see manifold vacuum. But for the Turbo V6, it needs to be connected externally to the manfiold AFTER the turbo. This is done through the PEVR and I believe the PEVR may also protect the carb from boost pressure.

I hope this helps


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Apr 20, 2009
Put a Holley on it boost reference it spools way faster than q jet.No comparison throw away factory carb hat.On my car it's like a fun govener.totally blocks air flow to engine.My hat was very modified raised roof with power hammer opened up inlet size and added spacer below to unshroud carb.Still ran like a piece of shit.they probably drop a half second off your st just by removing it.
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