Pics and Video of the New Camaro Concept!


Oct 8, 2002
So what does everyone think?







The Vid
That thing is sweet,but buy time the duoche bags at GM get it to production (2009) I may be in a wheel chair or the better producing car company Chrysler's new badass ride ,what ever it may be at the time.... :wink: :wink:
GM was behind the original Mustang by 3 years, now they will be 4 years late to the table. I still don't think women are going to buy it, and that is who they NEED to buy it in order for it to be successful.

I like the looks, but I am wondering how hard it will be seeing out the sides with those small windows.
The nose still needs work. Needs more '69 camaro and less '89 Corsica.
I hope they build it. Overall I like it and is a big improvement over the 4th gen styling IMO.
Maybe GM is learning a little something from the competition. Doesn't look too bad. Seems to be missing a little something. The Challenger concept seemed to hit the mark just a little better, IMO.
Looks like a dodge challenger rip off to me. GM needed to nix the six cylinders and kept making the 8's. I would have thought they wouldnt have had a
problem selling the LS1 now would have been LS2's. And if they still didnt sell maybe GM shouldnt wait 10 years to restyle something (1982-92 1993-01-02 or whatever year they killed it)
What the hell is up with the exhaust going into the mufflers, they had to cross it like that? :confused:
I agree with almost all the above posts.

looks nice
looks like the challanger knock off
hard to see out of the windows
little to late if it arrives in 2009

wonder what the firebird & TA would look like?
much better looking than the big hair '80's style they just couldn't get away from............untill now. Yup, the nose needs another look, to pointy
I like everything except the grill, man that's an awful looking front end :eek: . Looks like a CTS with a grill. I believe that if they are going to do the retro thing, at least get the front looking close to the 69's front end.
I have always been a huge GM supporter but at some poiny they have to give us the car we want to buy and not the car they think we should buy. If they would just listen to the consumer and not worry so much about the other guys they might actually sell some cars. If this is the car, I for one will be looking elsewhere. That thing got a HEMI?
I like it. Make mine Sunset Orange Metallic. I agree it's mostly '69 retro, but it's missing some '69 specific styling cues (no creases trailing the front wheelwells). Overall though, I like it a lot.

I hope I get the chance to see one in person!

Originally posted by Tony87gn:
What the hell is up with the exhaust going into the mufflers, they had to cross it like that

Probably less restrictive than having the pipes make a "U" turn into the muffler on its own side.

I don't like the front end and the thing looks like it is WAY too heavy. This 'chunky/slabby' look they're doing is ugly. :eek:

A car doesn't have to look like it weighs what it does. Cut down the sheet metal a bit, open up and square off the front end a little bit and it will sell.

Like someone else said, right now it looks more like the Challenger concept than anything.

Not ready to buy one yet.
Someone should....

Forward this thread to GM, so they can pull their heads out of their arses. I just look at the front of the Camaro again and it looks like it smiling at me :) It's like, me sucker :p
UNGN said:
The nose still needs work. Needs more '69 camaro and less '89 Corsica.

this car does not make me want to order one..The challenger does just that..i've already put a deposit on the 07 i'm their target buyer..and i'm saying they are off the mark. The car looks too radical,need to be a little less buck rodgers and a little more 69 f body..
While this is more of a concept, than the actual car to be released, if it is released, it will have some changes to it. Hopefully for the better, but I am guessing that they will go the same route as the GT-Oh no, and it will look like a Cavalier or something with a little bit(but not enough) of styling from this, morphed into it.
I think if they were to release this just the way that it is, with handling, a power plant to back it up, and reasonable pricing, it would sell. While it doesn't appeal to all of you, what car does. No one car will appeal to everyone. I bet this would have a big audience, but they'll be sure to totally butcher it before it is released, and you won't even recognize this when they are finished with it.