Pics of my 4th gen Camaro

Jason McClure

Nov 10, 2011
Just wanted to share a few updated pics of my Camaro. It's stable mates to my 87 Turbo T.
Thanks, still got the ls1, Texas Speed V2 cam, longtubes, HPTuners, Yank 4000 converter, 4.10 rear and adjustable shocks/suspension. Full weight. 1.54 60' 11.6-7's
ls1 cars love to be sprayed! on stock motors guys runnin 125 shot and gettin hooked on it. really works well with ls1 ls3 ls6. had an 02 ram air t/a that had AFR heads and cam set up was like night and day. it really surprised me how much the car picked up.
Yea I've seen some impressive e.t.'s out of stock bottom end 150 shot combo's myself. There's a guy on ls1tech that has been 9.90's with a stock bottom end, torquerV2 cam like i got, ls6 intake and a turbo 400 trans with a 200 shot i think. I need to upgrade the rearend on mine before I get to wild with it. Still got the 10 bolt in it for now lol.

I plan to bolt on a set of LS6 "243" heads, LS6 intake, and bigger injectors to see how fast I can go with the LS1. Then I plan to build an iron 6.0 408 combo to drop in it.