Pics of my headers coated by Swain Tech Coatings


Mar 10, 2003
I had my headers and turbo coated by Swain Tech Coatings I thought I'd post some pics of them. I think they turned out great, The feel of the coating is like sandpaper, and they look good. I had my turbo done but the picture did not come out too great but it looks nice also. I've heard great things about them from a few people here and on from they've been happy with theres. Pictures are at Thanks, Jason Cromer
Lookin Good.

tap the holes on the headers for the bolts, use the copper colored hi-temp Anti Seize on the bolts, and make sure you "clearance" the headers for the ARP head bolts.


Couple of questions if you don't mind.

How much for coating work?
What temp are they good up to?
How long did it take to get done?

I've got a set of headers I'll need coated here very soon. Those look very nice. I really like your lower intake color with the polished aluminum. Who did that work?


The total cost came to $370.00 with shipping for the clean up of the old headers, coating them, and coating the turbo. There web site is I belive they said it's good for over 3000 deg's and It only took about 1 1/2 weeks from the time I sent them out til I got them back ( I was suprised how quick it was) On the lower intake It was already like that when I bought the car. I just painted the covers and rails and got the poished upper plenum and TB
Later, Jason
I did mine about 3 years ago and they still look like the day they were put on. Also, if you just need to cosmetically touch up some spots, you can now use stuff like the 1200 degree white hi-temp paint and it will work great.

The only downside to this stuff that I have seen is chipping. Since you have them in your hands, you know how the coating is way different than Jet-Hot or any cermakrome.

This is the only stuff I have seen that absolutely will not burn off.
Good choice! Now I'm not the lone wolf :)
Looks Great!

Does anyone see any problem doing a downpipe with this coating. Seems like a good idea to me.
Downpipes actually seem less prone to coating deterioration than headers so there should be no issue.

FYI - if you are so inclined, you can paint over this coating. So if you want a pink downpipe, go for it.

FYI2 - Swain charges a little more for stainless, hence the price difference on some stuff.
I was thinking that white would look pretty cool, but I imagine it would get dirty easier.
I left mine white. Believe it or not, they stay real clean. Just wash them with regular engine cleaner. Underneath, I have used brake parts cleaner and it has not damaged the finish.

Again, if really required you can touch up the finish with hi-temp white. (like VHT)

I kinda wanted to do my intake manifold with that stuff, but I was afraid it would really trap the dirt since the texture of the stuff is rough. Everyone does their intake in "silver" or polished... I wanted to do something in white, but powdercoat was too bright.
Thanks. I had my downpipe coated and was really contemplating leaving it white. Really looks different.
My downpipe is actually blue! I take all kinds of abuse over it, but I like it. It's a change from the same old silver coatings you see all the time.
Very nice!:cool:

Getting my engine rebuilt this summer. I think a nice set of coated headers would realy make it look sweet.