Pics of my project

Very nice, glad to see that the project is coming together. :cool:

Don't forget to connect the frame, don't what to twist it out of shape.

Some say it's a sickness but I've always been a big fan of the Vega. Eary 70's wagons are prob. the coolest.
Well, I guess not as cool as a Cosworth Vega. I almost forgot about those.
My first car was a vega. A 75 with a 283 and 4speed. That thing had some power.
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My first car was a vega. A 75 with a 283 and 4speed. That thing had some power.

That's one HELL of a FIRST car:cool:
I can only imagine how much trouble a teenager could get into in something like that.
But I'll bet you wouldn't know nothing about that, right Pat;)

My first "unnoficial" car (before I was 16) was a 69 1/2 (tittled '70 but '69 trim) Pont. Le Mans w/a 350 & a posi.. Boy, I thought I was king s***. I got it when I was 14.
The body was a little rough but that thing would run. It had 10:1's & a nice bumpstick. More than enough for a 14-16 y/o.
And yes, I got in PLENTY of trouble in it:D
My first "official" car was '75 Nova w/a 250 I6 & 3spd. that my sis' handed down after she clapped it out. I drove that thing a whole summer w/out a starter. My buddies would take turns pushstarting, lol.:o
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ya... cosworths are cool. but they lack one thing that my setup has... torque :)

LOL, hell yeah;)

I doubt Cosworths were very fast when it comes to drag racing.
They were pimarily built to tear up the short track road races.
I remember an article where the Cos. was faster than the Vette on a short tracks. Pretty impressive. They mostly raced them in Europe from what I understand. Being that road racing isn't as popular in the US.

I had a Porche once & I thought it was a dog in acceleration.
Like winding up rubber bands. But you could sure cut up some curvy country roads. The thing was a blast to drive! It just didn't accelerate like a "muscle car".
I really didn't get in much trouble with that car, even though it was pumpkin orange with black ss stripes and a sunroof, the car i got in the most trouble with was my 67 Pontiac Tempest. I got pulled over 9 times between friday afternoon and monday morning.:( but the good news is they only wrote me a ticket 4 or 5 times. :eek:
Next I have to get the transmission in. I have looked high and low for a flywheel, but have come up with nothing. If anyone has a flywheel they want to sell, please email me.

the car was originally setup for a manual tranny, and I've got a borg warner T50 thats all ready to go, except I have no flywheel. aarrgh... :mad: It's really frustrating.

sorry, just venting.

Kenne-Bell may be able to help with the flywheel if they haven't forgotten what a Buick V6 is.

Other names I see in the books are Weber and McLeod. Maybe an internet search for them will come up with something.
It would be nice to get one of those lightweight flywheels, but the cost is the problem. Hays has one for 300 bones. I didn't wanna pay over 50 for a stock one. I couldn't find any place that sold stock replacement or even resurfaced flywheels. Hell, the junkyards were full of buick v6's, but they were all automatics.

Thanks for the help,

If you are looking for just a buick v-6 flywheel go to your local checker/kragen and they can look it up on their computer. just tell them you want a flywheel for an 82 regal with a v-6. if you want the part number before you go in just look it up at and it will give you the part number and tell you if one of those stores has it in stock. if they don't it will tell you how long until they can get it. If they are still no help let me know where at in southern california you are and i will locate one closest to you.

I've checked all the online parts stores that I could think of ( included), but come up with nothing but automatic flexplates. I've checked with all the local parts stores, they haven't been much help either (some of them didn't even know what a flywheel was).

I live in Fullerton.
Thanks for help,

Well I am not having any luck online but i work tomorrow and I will find out a part # for you then. I know they offer it because I have seen the part # when I was screwing around with the idea of putting a manual tranny in my t-type. I will post tomorrow night about 10 with the results.
Unfortunately I didn't find just an average one before, it was a centerforce and is like $370 (part # 700030 i think). So i contacted the local buick dealer and they gave me original gm part # of 1257041 but it was discontinued in 1991. This fit regals and centurys 77-78 even fire engines. (Last 2 years manual tranny actually offered.) Best bet would be to take this part # to a local bone yard that has a parts locator system and have them track one down. I was going to call one here in town that has this system but was rather busy at work until after they were already closed. sorry for being about a half hour late on the posting, was late getting outta work tonight.
Thanks for the part number. I'll go down to the junkyard this weekend and look. I appreciate the effort you took to find it for me.

Thanks again,

No prob, it is what I do for a living. I just go a little further than most parts people.
I got to thinking about the flywheel again today. I think I may have found something else for you to try. 60's Jeep CJ's had a buick V-6 available. It has a 225cid. Not sure if the flywheel will mount up but if you come across one in a bone yard cheap it might be worth testing out.