I'll be heading down around 9ish...................look for my maroon 87 'T', Roy Rogers and Dunkin dounuts will be my hangouts for the night. Ken B.:rolleyes:
I might take a cruise on up to have an iced coffee or two or twenty.... :D

Just put the mease pipe and hollow cat. on the GN and have yet to drive it.

Might be able to twist my arm for some beer and wings too! ;)

9pm sounds okay to me hopefully. Won't be going in any thunderstorms however... :eek:
Rob, leg is still in a cast, hopefully get that of in 2 weeks and start putting some weight on it, work sucks!! see you next time:)
hot6, salvage, i am planing on going, 9ish is about the right time maybe see you guys there.. no rain:D