Pittsburgh crew November Meet

88 CuttyClassic

The Enviromental Hitman
Oct 30, 2001
i'm thinking sat nov 13th...

thoughts? locations? another date?

i'm thinking since this is the first one since spring we do a central location as in closest to the city since we have some new friends that dont know some of the locations in the east that we go to like joios and rodneys.

some ideas around the city:
Big Jims (tons of food for the price)
waterfront (several options)
Jerome Bettis (lil $ but a new place we never been, parking will be good on sat too since pitt is away on thursday night)
Frish's or armstrongs ( both are in caste village)
Primanti's (several locales)
the O (new venue with plenty of college tail to look at)

Saturday is a good day,for good eats....i'm in!!!!!i'll buzz canut and see if he'll join us....remember....fight nice bob!!!!
I can't make it nephews b day. I told the guys about the meet you may hear from them.
jason : tt chip is in and went to jays and bought some goodies !!!
ok lets do UNOs on the 13th....what is a good time for everyone? i woulda said big jims but we may have a bigger turnout this time.
I'm happy everyone was pleased with my choice of big jim's last time that you all wanna go back. Told you the food was worth the location. I'm in for wherever on the 13th.
new member north of pittsburgh,pa

Hi everyone new to site and new to finally slowing down in life to mess with cars. always wanted a gn and found one. does anyone cruise around on weekends or week nights near pgh thanks. Doug
Oscar yeah we cruise around in the summers. Usually go to car cruises and hang out. What year is your GN? What part of the burg are you from? Basically in the winter months we just meet up once a month and have lunch and BS.