PLC Recording Triggers


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Feb 20, 2008
I have a SCM-G ,Car is driven on the street some but when the track reopens it will see 1/4 action often.
I'm a little A.D.D and want to take the laptop out of the car and just concentrate on the light and rely on the SCM-G to record.
I could hit the space bar to record but half the the time (without my reading glasses) I would hit the wrong key and loose the run or the laptop would crap-out.
What do you use for recording triggers and setting with the best results?
i usually set it for 3 volts. but it depends on how you stage and race the car. I would experiment a little with it before you go.

I do have it at 3.0 volts and what about min record sec ? its set at 20
thank you for your time
i'd leave it there for now. that time is really to keep the recording from stopping if you have to pedal during the run. You can set it higher if you want your burnout and the run in the same log. I would leave it for now and see how you like it.