Please Help Me!!!! 83" Buick T-Type


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Jan 13, 2002
I need to know if the 83" Buick T-Types have the same compression ratio, pistons, cranks and so on as the 82" Buick Regals. I started to work on my 83" T-Type with my old man and i had a friggin' Epiphany. We planned on exchanging the blocks, pistons, cranks and what not and then i realized that there were some differences between the blocks. My 83" T-Type has some sort of sensor mounted on the block and the 82" Buick Regal Block doesn't. Both blocks are stock. And i need to know what the differences between the engines are. I don't want to be driving down the street and have my engine blow up on me. We have started the restoration and if i find out that they have different pistons, cranks, valves, ........ and so forth i will be mighty pist off. I have already spent thousands on this restoration and if i have to back out now, then i will sh!# the bed. I went to my local parts store and i looked in one of there manual books and it said that they had the same compression ratio. The 83" T-Type engine is the regular 4-bbl 3.8 liter carbureted Turbo engine, and the 82" Regal is a regular 3.8 liter ? bbl carbureted engine. Please reply, i don't care if you post it, Instant Message me, send me an E-Mail, or call me at 2:00 in the morning. I need help bad.

Thanks, Besso.:confused:
If the 82 block doesn't have the threaded hole behind the manifold/before the bellhousing, it won't accept the knock sensor. You need this sensor to eliminate broken pistons, burned head gaskets, hammered rod bearings.
Also, the normally asperated V6 won't have the turbo pistons...just regular cast pistons that won't hold up. They are both 8.00:1 comp.
The turbo engine crankshaft will have rolled fillets on both rods and mains. The non turbo will probably have rolled fillets on only the mains (weaker crank).