Please read rules & regulations in this forum

While this board may be under new ownership, Jason's words on this subject live on:

"This "For Sale" forum is for the private sale of individual Buick parts by members ONLY , (No GUNS , DRUGS PORN PARAPHERNALIA ALLOWED)

No post is to be made by any company , business or Members selling parts as means of additional income part time (no matter how large or small) without paying advertiser rates IN ADVANCE.

If any post is made by any size company , business or Members (selling individual items or multiple quantities) that is not a paying advertiser, their posts will be deleted, their account is subject to being banned and their company or business is subject to being billed with our standard advertising rates, one month per occurrence.

The main reason for this is because this site is wholly supported by PAYING VENDORS. If a paying vendor sees someone making posts selling parts or promoting their business but not paying for them, the paying vendor could realize that they are not getting their money's worth and could stop supporting this site.

To inquire about advertising rates and hopw to support this site while getting you rmessage out to the largest Turbo Buick audience on the entire Internet, please e-mail us at

It made sense when Jason posted it in 2001 and it explains the position of present ownership very well. Please adhere to these rules.
As of 9/18/03 your thread will be Deleted if.....

A member has more then (2) two threads per day in this forum (either a new thread or a "TTT" thread).
I have asked for months now that the flooding must stop in this forum and we keep seeing this continue. So as stated above ,If We see more then two threads by the same member on the front page or with the same date on the first four pages of this forum IT WILL GET DELETED , WITHOUT NOTICE

I/we were hoping it would not come to this , we have been merging threads for members and kindly asking members to combine there threads and only "TTT" two threads per day , but to no avail.

This rule also applys to paying vendors in this forum.

hey jack, cant post any pictures from my phone or camera ? says file to large , can you advise, ed zeliesko (et10sec)
hey jack, cant post any pictures from my phone or camera ? says file to large , can you advise, ed zeliesko (et10sec)
Ed, Jack Evers hasn't been on the board since June, 2017.
Someone else may answer, tho.
I don't post off my fone, so I can't help.
I load my fone pics to my desktop and edit them for size.