Please read the rules and guildlines before using this forum.

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May 28, 2001
" cannot guarantee the honesty of any person posting on this board or in this forum.
You Buy, Sell, and Trade AT YOUR OWN RISK.
We highly recommend you deal with people you know or use methods to secure your portion of the transaction from fraudulent actions by the people you are dealing with. We will try to help as much as we can, but there's only so much we can do. THE REST IS UP TO YOU , is not responsible for your transactions.
If you experience a problem with a buyer or seller, here are a couple of websites with helpful infomation (if anyone knows of more please let us know)

Beware of who you deal with on this and any other forums. Use your own judgement. Here's some tips

Check their post count. The higher the number, means they've posted a fair amount. However this is NOT an indicator of how reliable the seller is. They could just have a history of posting on other formus on and not in the parts for sale section USE YOUR JUDGEMENT.

Ask other veterans of this board, if they've dealt with the seller you are about to purchase from. Are they friends of the seller? Is the guy who's recommending to buy from the seller, the seller's best friend? USE YOUR JUDGEMENT.

Illegal Items
Ask for a receipt. If there's none, or he makes some excuse that he lost it.. chances it could be that it was stolen. Watch out. Because if the police find out, they can seize the illegal items and give you nothing despite you being innocent.

Backing out at last minute? To prevent this, give them a deadline like: "I will hold it for you until Monday. After that, I will give it to someone else next in line." If they insist, then ask for a deposit on your item to hold it.

Methods of Payment?
Cheques? Don't accept them (unless you know the person you are dealing with or have taken all pre-cautions). Only use guaranteed Postal money orders , drafts or pay-pal . To obtain M.O's go to any local bank They usually cost about $5/each... pricey, but the funds are as good as cash, guaranteed.
Now if they insist with cheques? They are not guaranteed, so it takes 5 business days for a bank to clear it.
Please use your best judgment when dealing with internet purchasing

Here's how will work it for now , changes may be needed as we learn.

If you bought or sold something and had good or bad experiances you may post here.


Make the subject of the post the board users name. plus the word "positive" or "Negative". (THumbs up and down Icons are good too)

Post the full details(not just "Good Guy" or "Bad Guy) . Post item in the sale, amounts, hard details on the transaction. Vague posts may get removed.

If your posting a bad rating you must have tried to contact the person and given them at least 30(from the date of the sale) days to correct the problem. Posting emails and Private message attemps in your post may help in showing your attemps to resolve this matter. Please stick to the facts of your transaction , No assuming post or replys are welcome in the feedback forum.

Please do not use foul language or violent sayings or remarks in your post or thread ,It will get edited and if continues the thread/post will get deleted.

Guide lines for Negitive Threads about members and vendors:

When a member makes a negitive thread about a vendor or member The ONLY replys allowed in the thread are the member who made/started the thread and the member or vendor who he or she is having a problem with , all other replys good or bad WILL BE DELETED.

I will add to this as the rules need to be refined.

Don't use the "thread rating" option that could get confusing.

If their was no sale don't post. For this forum we do not care if a potential customer/seller can't make up their mind,. Post information on buying & selling only.

Positive - Great transaction. Everyone is on time, products are as they should be and everyone communicated well.

Negative - Poor transaction...for some reason like product was broken, person ripped you off, etc.

Neutral - You got what you wanted but there is something about the transaction that you didn't like...such as lack of communication , time frame ect... If you feel that there is a problem too big for you to give a positive feedback but not big enough for a negative feedback...give a neutral. (just a option)

As this area could easily be abused I would like to say this now and get it out in the open.

This is a FEEDBACK area only. Flaming is not permitted in any form. Please lets just keep this completely informative so that others can use it as some good information for there buying or selling experience

If you have a specific transaction in question, prior to making a public post; make every effort to contact the person(s) involved via e-mail and/or PM (Private Message) or telephone first. If a response is not made within a reasonable time frame (roughly 30 days of recieving money) , nor is the dispute settled; post in this section accordingly.
Please use this forum as a last resort.

All members and Vendors are starting with a clean slate in this forum Feedback on members and vendors will start as of Febuary 24th 2004.

I am aware of many problems of past member and vendor issues and in my personal opinion agree with some of them , but we want to try and give everyone a clean start in this forum.


This forum is mainly designed for member to member transaction , But there are times were a vendor problem arises. So if your problem is with a supporting or non supporting vendor on this board please contact the administration first before posting.
If you do not contact administration first your will be removed.

For the record will not blanket ANY vendor or member if you do some one wrong on it will be allowed in the feedback forum.


When Negative threads are made about a member or a vendor NO ONE is allowed to post in that thread except the involved parties ONLY.
All other post will be deleted without notice.


If anyone has any suggestions to add to this forum please email me with them , Do not post it here or in this forum.
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