Plug wires ? lets talk OHMs per/Ft

kirban 2 cents worth

Our wires are probably the best buy for the money for several reasons...One colors grey wires black boots closely match originals also lengths for each wire is a dead match to the original.....proper lengths is critical too long youcan have issues rubbing the upper plenum exhaust manifold.

same source has bene making my wires for over 25 years makes trhem for several teams as he is located in North Carolina years ago used to live in my neighborhood...sold him one of my BMWs.....tough to beat the price and quality once in awhile he have a superior product this is one of them directions even say which length goes to which non skilled mechanics liek myself can installthem with minor effort.

Yes they are in stock we even have the 5 plastic wire dividers that secure them to the various factory points if you wanna do the job rite. Go one step further we even sell the ac delco coil pack (upper half) you might find corrosion on the terminals o nce you remove your old wires. Go deeper we got valve cover gaskets...

someone did post awhile ago the specs of resistance on my wires proved tobe quite good again never ever had any issues with our wires...years ago we even made some that were imprinted bad to the bone....they were cool looking...