plz help w gm cd player


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Feb 11, 2005
i scored a cd player from the yard some time back. testing it has been troublesome. i hooked up the ground yellow and orange. or n yl to 12v. gry wire to pos also. theres no display but if i hit recall the time comes up. it does eject and take cd but doesnt say its playing. no spkr hooked up right now. is this unit locked am i missing something? whn i hit recall all it shows is the time.. its model number 16255495 serial num 89cbfkm292811802 any help and or wire diagram apprec..
since the clock recall works,you have ground and need ign....what color wire beside the orange? if its green or yellow,thats your is memory/battery....
remember one yellow is the lr speaker neg wire...all the power leads will be close and in the same section of the plug....
I'd love to see a how-to on installing late model OEM CD players in these cars. I love the look and fit. I am toying w/ this idea...w/ some modifications of course.
i will dbl check but im pretty sure i used the ign one... if i did do it wold there b another problem...
i will dbl check but im pretty sure i used the ign one... if i did do it wold there b another problem...

New delcos don't have an ign from the bcm tells them to turn on...can you. Post pic of front and rear of the radio you're trying to use?
I had the same trouble when I first bench tested a radio I got. I had the same results as you at first. I believe I was using the worng wire in the harness. Double check to make sure you have the correct wires out of the harness. I believe there are two of the same colored wires within the harness (yellow I think?). I assusme this is the newer 20 pin connector? I have a pinout of the connector if you need it, just PM your email address. Once I got the correct wire it worked as expected. It was no wonder I did not burn something up!!
Thx for the wiring diagram 818. mine was diff that a grn wire needed power. well tried the install but unfortunately a cd player frm a 99 blazer needs more modifaction than im willing to do. I fabricated brackets so it could be bolted in but the fact tabs on the cd player were in the way of the bezel. Im just going to go aftermarket. I also had grt spkrs laying around but wouldnt fit cs2.. ill see what happ thx for the help boys..