*POLL* what static fp do you run vs pump speed with SMC kit?



what is your static fp and pump speed and what 02's do you see?

post your combo if possible injector and turbo, chip.
Last year, old combo
Stock injectors/turbo/IC
SMC alky turn on 11-12psi
Pump speed : full
Fuel pressure vac off 39psi at idle.
high 700's to low 800's O2
Tsk tsk, WSLN6, you didn't mention how much boost! Kinda important.

I run a Thrasher chip, which says to run 45psi fuel pressure with line off. So I leave that and tune around it...

stock turbo/ic/injectors
45psi fp
alky turn-on point- 15psi
pump speed- 7
boost- 22-23psi

Ever since I've installed the alky kit, I've gotten the strangest readings on my ScanMaster (300's, 600's, but sometimes 760's-820's). I wonder if I can turn up boost AND pump speed, think it'll work with no knock?