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May 25, 2001
I have tried several things to get my driveablitiy problems to quer, but nothing seems to work. I cant get the car to drive normal under 3000rpm. Below this rpm there is a hesitation, car starts to go, falls a little then picks up. The car also pops a lot out of the exhaust under normal driving conditions. I have tried seting the WB to 1200rpm to see if there is any correction. Everything is with in 2 percent. My target air fuel is about 13.5-13.0. The wb corrected one spot around 2200rpm that helped a little with the tip in, however it put a 115 in the VE. I dont know why considering my V/E under boost is in the 80's/ low 90's? I have tried messing with the AE vs tps, etc. Let me mention one more thing, when Im in a high gear, bellow 3K, the car has a little shake to it until I get above 3K.

Any help appricated
Be careful you arent wearing blinders.
I would double check all of your vacuum connections and ignition system.
I spent hrs and days searching for a miss in the Felpro and it turned out to be a loose connection to my map sensor.

I would compare somebody else's file to yours and check all of the enrichment and config settings.
I am not saying its not in your VE table.

Good Luck

Here is my File
Granted it is not perfected by any means....
Something to backcheck to.


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I wouldn't worry about tipin untill you get driveablity going good.

Also I'm assumming you just installed this system.
The speed pro has been on the car for a while now. I have compared my tables with another with a similar setup, my VE numbers are a lot higher then his. I try loading his program and the car would not start.
Did you only try using his VE parameters or his whole program? If you used his whole program it probably wouldn't have started. You said it has been on the car for a while, has it been acting like this the whole time?