Porsche 928 & 911 get the 3.8 smackdown!!

J Banning

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May 25, 2001
I should of posted this sooner, but I didn't. Regardless, it was a real blast, and I think a pretty good story too (sorry about the length)...

I have a friend that is into Porsches. He's got a 1979 911SC. It's not fast, but it's in good shape, and it gets a lot of looks from people that don't know what they're really looking at. Back in May, he invited me to go to a Prsche event up in Hershey, PA. This was one of the largest Porsche events on the East coast. I figured, what the hell... why not? It'll be something different for a change... AND maybe I'll get a chance to run one of these guys on the way there or back!

It was about an hour and fifteen minute drive up there (From Wilmington, DE) and the weather wasn't very good. It eventually cleared up, and there were a couple long, wide, and straight sections of new highway West of Lancaster, PA. I was able to cruise for a while at about 85, but didn't see any cars. The first Porsches I saw were just before I got to the fairgrounds. I got into the event, met up with my buddy, and we walked around and checked out the cars. Actually, it was a pretty neat event. A nice change of pace from all the Super Chevy shows and such that I've been to in the past.

Ok, now to the important part of the story...

As I'm in line waiting to exit the gates, I notice two Porsches up in front of me that were in there for sale. One was a white '87 911 carrera, and the other was a Blue '90 928. I followed a couple of cars back, them not seeing me, until we got on the highway. As I hit the top of the on-ramp, I see the two guys (still a couple of cars ahead) take off racing each other. I think to myself... "oh yeah, it's on!"

I flip the switch to my bosch puller, put my foot to the floor, and watch the gauge hit 19psi as I quickly catch up to the 911's rear bumper. I slow down, and by this point we all are far ahead of anyone else. The road is clear for as far ahead as we can see. It's just me, the 911, and the 928. By this time we've slowed to about 70mph. The 911 and the 928 pull over to the right lane at about the same time. Since the 928 is in front, I slowly move up.

Just as I'm at the back bumper of the 928, I see the back end squat down, a puff of black smoke, and he takes off. Now it's time to lay the smack down! I lay the foot down again, and IMMEDIATELY begin reeling him in. It didn't take too long to catch him, but as I pulled by, I looked over and smiled. The look on his face was priceless! He looked like he was in sheer amazement... no, shock... like he couldn't believe that this black & gray "grandma's car" was kicking his butt!! It was awesome!! I wished I had a camera.

Before I knew it, I looked in the rearview, and this guy must of been 6-8 lengths behind me, but still in it. My 85 speedo was far from burried, I flipped though my scanmaster and saw a reading of 127mph! The 928 was still staying in it, I guess he was hoping that he'd eventually catch up on top end. I stayed in it for about 10-15 more seconds, then let off, this time being VERY far ahead (maybe 12 lengths or more). It was getting way too fast, and I don't even have a front swaybar!!!

Wow, what a rush! I was pumped. By the time I let off, those two guys where waaaay behind. I slowed to about 85, and they caught up... but neither came by to pass. It was like this for 10 miles or so. I was laughing my butt off... it was awesome.

Here's the best part...
My exit came up, so I pulled into the lane for the off-ramp. The 928 rolls by slowly and doesn't look at me... he just drives by. Then his buddy in the 911 comes by. He looks over, and gives me a HUGE smile, and a BIG thumbs up. He was even laughing himself!!!

That was the best!!!!!

Well, that was the end of story, I hope you enjoyed. A couple kraut burners learned an important lesson that day. Don't mess with the Buick G-Bodies, especially if they have a hump in the hood!

P.S. You can bet I'll go back again next year!!
Nice kill!!!!
I know that "facial expression" you are talking about...its one of the best parts of whipping up on unsuspecting prey...

Thats happened twice to me once with a new Turbo 911 and once with an older Turbo 911. The first guy wouldn't even look my way as I pulled around him slowly but surely, his sig other did tho Lol. The second guy I killed, every shift he made wasn't fast enough and he lost ground big time on each one.

Those are the kinda kills I like to read about:D good job bro.


That's what I thought.......

Good kill man. Had the same encouter with a 98ish 911. Had c16 and 22psi, that was a monster kill in it's own right......

Keep serving them up.....

Thanks guys,
Like I said... you can bet I'll be going back to Hershey next year.

Also, there's a couple of Viper GTS's and Coupes around here (not to mention a ton of Vette's)... I just haven't had any run-ins with them yet. I've only had the car back together for a couple of months now. I'm sure you'll see some more posts soon.

"... a hump in the hood ..."


That's one king-size smackdown! He probably told his friends that you had a pro-stock car when he re-told the story:

"You should have seen it, he was cruising down the highway with wheelie bars and a 'chute, and his supercharger was so loud I missed the 4-5 shift... Anyway, you can bet I'd never get beaten by a stock Monte Carlo..."

Now we need to visit the Porsche museum with Axe Eight Ball and lay some rubber there too...