Ported Elbow a Success!!!

Turtle TR

boioing boioing boioing..
Feb 15, 2002
This afternoon, I ported out the elbow I bought from Greg. Busted out the air dye-grinder and the carbide cutters, and off I went. I had to do the whole T-shirt ninja act because the grinds were hitting and stinging my face. All I did was just port and polish the part where the turbine blows the hot-air, I just polished the wastegate puck side, and widend up the exit part of the elbow. was good fun! I took off my stock elbow, and put the 86/87 elbow on. the only difference in the 84/85 vs 86/87 is the height of the wastegate puck arm, where the wastegate actuator latched on to. the 86/87 is much higher. I had to lengthen the rod to make it fit. I took it out for a run...WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! from a 20mph roll...I stomped it and the tires lit up, small kine:p, even when I lengthed the actuator arm, I almost hit 20psi:eek:, I'm going to lengthen it some more. keep in mind, I was only making 15psi before my mod. Oh well...just wanted to share my story of the day. Anyone want me to port their stock elbow's out?

I see 14s in your future. Hey, weren't those fake ( . )( . ) on that import model. :D
who cares if they are bolt ons or stock, the same purpose is served....good looks.