Ported Iron Heads


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I'm selling my ported iron heads. 1.77 intake 1.50 exhaust stainless steel valves. These are from KENNE-BELL not to be confused with our friend KENNE-BILL.:D I have new springs and valve seals. Make me an offer. If no one wants them, I'm gonna put them on E-bay.
Did you get the GN1's repaired? How difficult was it? How much did it cost? Just curious. :)

Derrick, the heads should arrive at Champion tomorrow 11/07. I am debating on getting them ported. I guess I should since they're up there. They gave me a quote but they needed to see them to give a real good estimate. Do you know if they carry pushrods? And what headgasket do you run with yours? I also sent my extra manifold for porting.
The Stock head gaskets are the ONLY head gaskets I've had good luck with. The heads do require a different length pushrod. I think it's 8.850" rods if you don't have adjustable rockers and using hydrualic flat tappet lifters. The pushrod length is on that data sheet I gave you with the heads. If you have the $$$$ I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the porting. the ports are MASSIVE for lack of a better word. :) If they don't have the pushrods, Summit will have the 8.850" pushrods. I may even have them in the garage, but I'm 99% sure I don't have those anymore.