Porterfield R4-S Brakes front & rear!


Jun 22, 2003
I have a set of front pads and rear shoes that I removed from my Buick. They have probably 5000 miles or less on them...

Front pads measure at 6.5/32 to the squeeler on the inboard pad and the outboard was 9/32 to the backing plate.

Rear Shoes on the Primary's there is 3.5/32 and on the secondary's there is 4.5/32.

I have started getting into doing high speed runs with my car so had to upgrade to Wilwood brakes. I bought these based on reccomendations from other members on here. One of the pads has a slight chip near the center section which won't matter at all...

I paid around $195 for these when new. I will sell them like this:
35 for the fronts plus 7 for shipping.
35 For the rears plus 7 for shipping.
If you buy them both for $70 I will include the shipping. Lots of pics for you to see below!

Brakes for sale 003.JPG
Brakes for sale 005.JPG
Brakes for sale 006.JPG
Brakes for sale 007.JPG
Brakes for sale 008.JPG
Brakes for sale 009.JPG
Brakes for sale 003.JPG
Brakes for sale 003.JPGBrakes for sale 005.JPGBrakes for sale 006.JPGBrakes for sale 007.JPGBrakes for sale 008.JPGBrakes for sale 009.JPGView attachment 176899View attachment 176900View attachment 176901