porting a hot air intake


what kind of benefit would i achieve by porting out my hot air intake? Just curious if this is something worth doing. thanks.
I really can't attempt to quantify the actual gains, but I will say this: if you have the engine apart and are going to port match the heads anyway it is worth doing. You will see what I mean if you already have it off or have seen pictures. But keep in mind that enlarging the intake ports without doing the same to the heads will probably not gain much of anything, as the head ports will then become the restriction.
huge gains...again, no actual numbers, as I have never been able to get a flowbench of my intake, or any of the others I am porting myself, but numbers dont lie....Porting just the intake is more of a mute effort, unless you port the heads...You dont have to go hog wild, but gasket matching should be the minimum. Have fun, go fast!