Ran outta hand cleaner
May 27, 2001
How does one convert an 85 GN one wheel peel car to a posi car ?

I'm talking about a street car here that might see the track once or twice a year only and is predominantly a daily driver. I am looking for cheapest suggestions...as in what's required as the bare minimum and up....and what's the benifit to me buying an Eaton or Auburn diff etc
as opposed to just keeping the stock rear diff and making the insides a posi ???
just shop around in a trader or salvage yards for a factory posi unit for a 8.5 10 bolt rear.

these rears come in lots of trucks 72-81 camaro's,nova's...ect..

as long as its for any 72-90 rear and came with 2:73 and up gears it will work.

then if your not familiar with rears take it to a shop and have them swap it out...shouldnt be no more than $100 to swap it

factory units are made by eaton the aftermarket eaton units are stronger but you will never break a stock one.

eaton units are rebuildable should the clutches start slipping in it

auburn units are not rebuildable so if it starts slipping its done

if you find a unit and are determaned to do it yourself post back when your ready and there are a few of us guru's on here that have done this so you will be instucted how

so hows the car runnin ?
Or you could do the poor man's posi......Airbags. My open hooks as well if not better than all the street tire posi's I have seen. This year I got a 1.9 60' on "plastic" 235/60's with only a pinion snubber - my airbags had rotted out after 5+ years.
Thanks guys....

RED - Car is runin' great now...thanks to all the help everyone gave during my troubles. I was thinkin' of opening a shop that just specializes in 84-85 GN no starts. Just doing a market study to see if it's viable....:D

I want to do the real posi thing...I like the (cheap) idea of getting a stock unit from the boneyard. I definitely will get a shop to do the swap tho...not a real rear end guy and I have to build my patience back up before the next big job (Turbomotion IC kit) in winter.

Turboregal84 - Thanks for the link....checkin' it out now. Any update on that "Poor Man's GNX"
I got lucky, my dad had to upgrade when he went with the stage motor so I got his 40,000 mile axles, ring and pinion, and posi. Mine's a stock unit and is plenty. There's not a huge difference between it and an open rear with airbags but usually when my non-posi spun I had to back completely off the gas to rehook whereas now I can back off the gas a little but not all the way and hook. It's also much more predictable when it slides. I think a stock unit is all that's required.

Not sure how much money you want to spend but, powertrax makes a unit that slips in your present carrier. You don't have to remove the carrier from the housing just strip the spider gears out and install the unit and you'll have a posi in less that a hour ( per the article in one of those chevy mags ). JEGS and Summit both sell them. There a little pricey but, it's another thought.
I installed a posi from a 70's model camarro and it works great all I needed was a ring gear spacer and posi additive to do the job. very simple and low dollar cost me only 85 dollars
Weld the spider gears. All you have to do is pay for fluid, won't even need a posi additive. :)