Possible future projects.


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Jul 8, 2005
I have a body damaged '90 LeSabre with a 3800 that runs too well to just junk. I also have a couple of turbos and enough extra turbo parts laying around to do an induction and exhaust set up. I know there are a few Fiero's running around with this set up and I was wondering how difficult this swap and mod might be. I've checked some of the Fiero sites and have not found any info. Does any one have any links to this swap in detail or know how difficult/what mods are needed to make it fit? I've also thought about a 2wd Syclone clone using Buick power which Might be an easier swap (I don't know about the fwd engine to rwd transmission though) but probably not as much fun. Of course I could just put my two turbo's on my '68 big block Camaro. I think the pair should flow enough air to feed a 454 and then I could just throw the 3800 in the trunk for traction :D . I've got the parts laying around and I'm just itching to use them on something so any input on the Fiero or S-10 swap will be appreciated.