Poston 231 forged pistons


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Does anyone know anything about these? I can't post the url because of my post count. On the website this is what they say about them...

Forged Pistons for Turbo Regals Compression ratio is 8 to 1. Specify standard,.030 or .040. For 231 Buick V6 engine. Set of six with pins.

Product Code: FL2481F


I'm looking for some new pistons for a budget build, I've got a virgin bore block so i'm only looking for something in standard bore size. TRW's are the only other forged ones I can find that are available in standard bore. Would like to run 20+ psi, would standard cast do the job?
yea that is a TRW Forged Piston.

FL2481F = Piston, Forged, Dish Top, 3.830 in. Bore, 5/ 64 in., 5/ 64 in., 3/ 16 in. Ring Grooves, Buick, 3.8L