Poston enterprises

Best Floor Mats Period!!

Poston's maker of the mats is the only true perfect mats in my opinion:) i have 2 sets per car...last order took 3 weeks to get but turned out perfect!! i hope poston turns things around..i been buying from them since the early 90's. oh i gave them a test yesterday too with a small order.. everything in stock ready to ship monday afternoon!!! come on poston dont let me down!!! ALEX
I got my belt moldings after about 2 months. They did not have them in stock, which is why it took so long(i was told,I believe her). After she said they had them I got them 3 days later:) They are excellent fit and nice quality.If they have the item in stock it should be ok,if not get ready for a wait.I need floor mats,Im gonna wait to see how you guys do,PLEASE POST back when you get the floormats.I hope poston's get out of the hole they got put in. experience with Postons as of this month. I had read all these threads about Poston & the issues involved beforehand. But wanting their power 6 floor mats badly, I decided to gamble & give them a chance. Before anybody juts out that other vendors carry power 6 floor mats I must explain that the logo from other vendors is different & the colors are not correct to my opinion. I called in & asked if the part was in stock, I was told it was so, I placed the order online with a 2nd day shipping through UPS. If I did not receive the part in 1 wk I was going to cancel the order through my cc. Thats the only way I will deal...they get my needed business to get on their feet again & I get my parts. Just my $0.02 !


I got'em 2nd day air x UPS. Like I said, they told me it was in stock, if it had taken more than a wk I was going to cancel the order through my cc. Just make sure they have what u want in stock & pay for the fastest shipping possible. If u don't get your parts within a resonable shipping time frame u can cancel your purchase through your cc. HTH :cool:
Despite all the bad comments on Poston, I still needed to order some stuff with them that i couldn't find elsewhere. I called in the order, they told me what was in stock and what was going to be on back ordered. After a couple of weeks i was starting to get nervous and called back. They gave me the update and what had come in and went ahead and shipped out everything that was in. Just call in your order and make sure what you need is in stock. If its not they will let you know and give a reasonable estimate of how long. I'm still waiting on a hood ornament but they were honest in saying that it could take some time to get it in. Not a problem as long as i know. They were really nice to me and I enjoyed talking with the girls there. There is something about that Georgia/Alabama Southern Belle accent that puts me at ease. :)
They are only about a 2 hour drive from my house so I'm going to call them and make sure it's in stock then drive over to pick my stuff up
Well my story...........

last monday i called and ordered a few key chains,said all to be in stock and would ship by tuesday. few days go by, i call friday and she says they are right here ready to ship usps priority(which i paid for already). i get email shipping info friday, then yesterday(monday) mailman brings the key chains:) nice items just what i needed!! in conclusion.....poston has nice stuff, little communication issuses, and i will buy from again(their FLOOR MATS ARE THE ONLY AND BY FAR BEST OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!) poston did have very very bad weather the day before i ordered. poston...keep trying your doing good just you need to be clear and organize alittle better:) ALEX
your comparing key chains to all the other parts that people spent hundreds of dollars on and were blantly lied to about being in stock. come on
Listen Here Wile87.....

like i said thats was my latest purchase from postons!!! i have spent $1,000's with them in the last 15 years!!!! im not comparing anything so relax buddy!! just telling my story(this time) understand?:confused: ALEX
I'll always remember when I was a kid in high school driving my bone stock 87 GN that I still have to this day and the first Buick parts catalog I had was a Poston book and I would spend hours in that catalog just learning about all the parts available for these cars. My first mods on my car came from Poston's. Times have definitely changed and it is sad. Guess nothing lasts forever. Postons was a superb vendor. Even when I worked at PTE and dealt with them they were a pleasure. Sad to see more and more vendors going out. Pretty soon you'll have no vendors for these cars and just people in their spare time making parts for us for a side job. The time is coming sooner or later guys.