Postons parts


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
I am under the belief that I have a pair of POSTON Headers on my car from the previous owner. They are wrapped with that damn fabric heat wrapping so I am not totally sure, but I am looking for the POSTON crossover pipe. ANybody got one lying around looking to sell?

Don't waste your time, the crossover is only worth 10 HP or .10 in the 1/4 mile, not worth the dollars. Could be spent elsewhere to make bigger gains.
lol...i saw it for 89 bux in their catalog, I was just wondering if anyone had it lying around used. I wan tto get the most HP out of this car in every way possible...ten hp is ten HP!

Thanks for the info!!!

Just go ATR...

I would just go with an ATR X-over (same or close price), they are the same for all years plus the ATR unit is stainless. I run it with poston headers on my car and have no problems.

One tip I do have is to leave all the exhaust (headers, x-over, up-pipe) loosely bolted together until you get everything on then progresively tighten everything (with ANTISIEZE on every fastner). You will be less likely to have leaks if everything gets tighened together this way. They will all find their 'happy' spots in harmony...