Power Antenna problems


May 26, 2001
Power antenna problem

My power antenna doesn't work anymore. But rather than running all the time, it just doesn't work at all. There are three wires going into the connector, green, gray, and white. There isn't power coming out of any of these wires when I turn the radio off or on. What's supposed to be happening there? Which one (or ones) are power or ground?
Make sure the pink wire coming out of the back of the radio is hot when the radio is turned on. It provides power to the relay and the relay sends power to the grn, wht, and gry wires that you already checked under the hood.
Before I dig into the "underdash" area, is there a way to make the antenna go up? I tried pulling on it and that doesn't work! I don't want to crush the end with vice-grips or anything. Is there a way to apply power from an external source (like the battery) and run the antenna up?
Judging by the diagram, if you apply 12V to green (motor) and grey (up switch) then the antenna will go up. It will not go up by pulling on it if your cable inside is still good - and you will break it if you pull too hard on it since it is only plastic.