Power Logger Install


Aug 29, 2004
I'm installing a power logger in my 89 turbo trans am. Having a problem on how to separate the boards. I thought it would be a couple of screws but doesn't seem to separate. Am I missing something? Doesn't the power logger work for tta as well?
There is that little new white post your suppose to snap off and put on a new one. Is see the old white post but don't know how to snap it off without separating the boards. I've done this before on my buick gn but its been awhile and don't remember how i would have done it.
You have to make sure you have all the screws out, then open the case enough so you can get the boards past the side tab.

Then you can access & screw off the plastic stand-off. The. Install the PL with the new stand-off.

Don’t forget to trim the case & clean off all of the coating from the pins on both sides of the board to make sure the PL has a good connection.
Want to make sure i'm not messing anything up but that tab on the picture i attached on the right. Is that suppose to come off or do you have to bend it just enough to get the board out. There are 5 screws on the right tab which look like a heatsink for the transistors. I haven't touched those yet. I've removed the 4 screws for the board but doesnt want to come out. I think the tab on the right has the 2 boards secured through those transistors.
in your picture you show the top side of the ecm, flip it over and take 2 screws out from the bottom of the thin bracket.

don't take any screws out of the thick bracket.

once all the screws are out of the thin bracket you can peel it off the ribbon cable that connects the top and bottom boards
once the thin bracket is removed you can slide the top board sideways a little and unfold the whole thing.

then clean the edge connector with goof-off and some patience....
remove the small white post from the bottom board, install the PL in the top board, unscrew the small nut from the PL mounting post so that the screw can poke thru the hole where the old post was.

you will need to fiddle with the bits to get the assembly back together. put the small nylon nut back on the post once things are reassembled.
Thanks! What I was missing was pulling of the side rail. Eric sent me a pic and explained it needed to be pried off because of glue which was holding it. Wasn't just sliding off but was able to pry of with small flathead.